Middle School


AWS’s middle school classes strengthen students’ individuality and character by fully engaging them intellectually, emotionally, artistically, and physically.

  • Our interdisciplinary curriculum explores the essential questions in each subject. This helps students develop the intellectual and moral foundation for a productive and meaningful life.
  • Challenging assignments and projects require students to develop critical thinking skills, integrate what they have learned, and express themselves skillfully and creatively.
  • Classes in music, drama, arts, and crafts teach students to express themselves with competence and confidence and to become practical, self-reliant individuals.



The Art of Language: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary

Making Math Meaningful: Business Math & Geometry

Roman History, Medieval History

Earth Science

Introductory Physics: Sound, Light, Heat, Magnetism, Electricity

Drama/Speech: Class Play, Poetry recitation


The Art of Language: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary

New Horizons in Mathematics: Introduction to Algebra; cont. Geometry

European History: Renaissance, Reformation, & the Age of Discovery

Cultural Geography: The World and Its Peoples

Astronomy: Astronomers and their Discoveries

Biology: The Mysteries of the Human Body

Adventures in Physics: Electromagnetism; Mechanics

Introductory Inorganic Chemistry

Drama/Speech: Class Play, Poetry recitation


The Art of Language: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary

Mathematics in Theory and Practice: Algebra; Geometry

World History: Revolutions Past and Present

Cultural Geography II: The World and its Peoples

Biology: The Miracles of Human Anatomy

Experimental Physics: Fluid Mechanics; Aeromechanics; Meteorology

Experimental Chemistry: Organic Substances

Drama/Speech: Class Play, Poetry recitation 

A new capacity for exact observation is cultivated through the physics lessons, in which students move from the mystery of phenomena to its exact measurement. 

The physical changes of this age lead naturally to a study of human physiology, which is taught from the hygienic perspective of responsibility for the integrity and health of our bodies. Earth science supports the ever-expanding geographic studies of Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the planet as a whole.

Business arithmetic, algebra and geometry become formal disciplines and are studied over the course of all middle school grades. The language arts curriculum expands into the interweaving branches of literature, grammar and composition and along with mathematics, occupies both main lesson and ongoing skills classes.

In addition to the broad arts-infused academic curriculum, Asheville Waldorf School offers a variety of specialty classes taught by teachers whose focus in on a particular subject.  

Read more about our Subject curriculum here. 

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