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Early Childhood


Our Waldorf early childhood program is based upon the recognition that the young child learns primarily through social relationships and sensory experiences.  The young child absorbs and emulates all that is in her surroundings; thus, adults must be models worthy of imitation, and the environment should offer beautiful, meaningful and true experiences.  Early circumstances that foster trust in the world enable the child to go forth in life with initiative and purpose. In a physically beautiful, emotionally supportive and carefully structured home-like environment, the child’s day naturally flows between adult-led and self-initiated activities that reflect the child’s need for both active and quiet time.  A reverence for life and the earth is naturally woven into every day.


Parent-Child Classes

2021-22 Parent-Child class schedule can be found below – Note the classes begin fall of 2021

Babies – 4-year-olds

Our parent-child program is a sanctuary for parents, caregivers and their young children from birth to three and a half years old. Parent-Child classes are an early childhood education program that offers an essential bridge between the child’s early life at home and their first entry into school. This program answers the call of families, offering support and companionship in the early years of parenting.

Parent-Child classes strive to create a nurturing, rhythmical environment for children as well as for parents. Parents deepen their own intuitive knowledge, discover new ways of being with their children and explore the joys and challenges of raising young children. Through stories and song, indoor and outdoor play, simple adult crafts and the sharing in a healthy snack, we will create a wholesome environment that weaves a community of support.

Bridge Class

Children must turn 2 by January 1, 2022. This class meets one morning a week.

In this class, the child begins in the fall with their parent similar to our Parent-Child Class. Throughout the fall semester, parents and children will share songs, circle time, indoor play/outdoor play, child/adult crafts, a healthy snack and a puppet play.

In the New Year (2022), the parent gradually phases out of the classroom, and the child continues on with their teachers in the same rhythm until the end of the school year. This class supports children and adults as a ‘bridge’ from Parent-Child class to be ready to attend school the following fall. 



2.5 (by September 1st, 2021)- 4 year olds

The Nursery provides a warm, nurturing bridge between home and school. Held within the embrace of our daily, weekly, and yearly rhythm, children learn how to gain independence and trust in the world beyond home.  Children explore language through finger-plays, games, poetry, song, and stories. Ample opportunities for large movement allow children to integrate sensorimotor systems, and social development is fostered as children learn to navigate the dynamics of working and playing with others.

We offer 2, 3 and 5-day options for the 2021-22 school year. Class runs from 8:45 am -12:45 pm



3.5 (by September 1st, 2021)- 6 year olds

Kindergarten provides a magical world for the young child.  Literacy is taught through the emergent literacy model; games, songs, stories, and verse teach syntax, structure, word order, and phonological awareness. Love of story is fostered through oral storytelling, puppetry and plays.  Math skills are also brought in lively and meaningful ways, such as finger plays or counting napkins for the table. A sense of purpose and contribution to the community comes in many ways: children help prepare the daily snack, care for the classroom, and work in the garden.  Social learning continues to be a focus of growth, and curiosity and scientific discovery is encouraged through interaction with the natural world. Fine-motor development is acquired through long-term handwork projects and crafts, while gross-motor skills are attained through circle, open-ended movement, and outdoor play.  Special attention is paid to sensorimotor systems which, when fully consolidated in early childhood, provide a sound foundation for successful academic learning later in childhood.

We offer 5-day options for the 2020-21 school year. Half-day Kindergarten runs from 8:45 am -12:45 pm, with our full-day “Rest Nest” option (see below) for those 5 years old and above, running from 12:45 pm-3:15 pm. 

Rest Nest - Extended Day Kindergarten

Rest Nest, an extended day option for children once they turn 5 years old. Full-day kindergarten is a wonderful opportunity for the older child to prepare for his or her transition to the 1st grade with longer school days. The full-day kindergarten program includes rest time, snack, circle time and outdoor play.

“Rest Nest” option is for those 5 years old and above, running from 12:45 pm-3:15 pm. 


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