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by Ms. Elizabeth Hromada

This is a lovely pedagogical story written by one of our Early Childhood teachers specifically for this time. Therapeutic stories work best when we don’t tell the children that it is reflective of their own experience, but rather allow them to think about the story on their own and to process it in a subconscious way.

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant and beautiful rainbow that shone across the sky every day over an enchanted forest filled with trees that sparkled like green jewels. In each tree lived families of tree fairies. They were a happy community filled with grandma & grandpa fairies, mommy & daddy fairies, child fairies, and of course, many baby fairies. 

Each day, all the child fairies would gather in the small meadow at the edge of the forest. There they would play together, dance & sing together, enjoy puppet stories, and snack together too. They delighted in their days, and loved each other very much.

Then, one night when all the fairy families slept, it seemed as though the clouds fell from the sky, for the whole forest was blanketed by a thick dark mist. Well, just like every morning in the fairy forest, the first ones to wake were the elders, the grandma and grandpa fairies. When they went outside to greet the morning sun and give thanks for the new day, they were surprised to find that they could not see anything but a thick dark mist. The mist made it hard for them to breathe, and the grandma and grandpa fairies grew quite ill.

The mommy and daddy fairies took care of the elders, and they learned that anyone who went into the thick dark mist became ill. So, all the fairies, the mommys, the daddys, the children, and the babies stayed in their tree homes while the thick dark mist remained in the forest. The child fairies missed their friends and missed the meadow where they loved to play, but soon found new ways to play on their own and with their brothers and sisters. 

They imagined they were in the meadow, and they imagined they were forest creatures, and they imagined many other wonderful games. They made beautiful art with flowers and sticks, moss and bark, seeds and leaves, paints and clay. Most of all, the children loved helping. They worked around their houses, singing with their mommys and daddys. They helped to make meals, set the table, wash dishes, sweep the floors, dust the shelves, scrub the windows, and take care of the growing plants, and they loved their families very much. And while they still missed going to the meadow, the child fairies had so much fun finding new ways to enjoy the days!

Many, many, many days passed, and then one day, a child fairy woke up, looked out the window, and saw for the first time in a long time, bright rays of sunlight shining through the trees! The thick dark mist left at last! 

The mommy and daddy fairies went outside to see, and they found they could breathe clean fresh air. The whole community flew outside, and cheers of laughter and rejoicing rang out through the forest. Once again the brilliant and beautiful rainbow was shining above them all.

The children leapt into the air with joy and flew to the meadow to play together, dance & sing together, enjoy puppet stories, and snack together too. They spent the whole day together until, at last, it was time to return to their homes to be with their loving families. 

And this is the way it still is today, if it ever was.