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Children are naturally curious and eager to know the world. Our goal is to satisfy their hunger for learning by teaching a vast range of subjects as creatively and experientially as possible.

We know that:

  • Children learn best through immersion and repetition. We present core academic subjects in month-long intensive courses and offer daily classes in math, English, world languages, music, and the arts.
  • Every child is an artist. We use drawing, painting, modeling, movement, music, and drama to bring every subject to life.
  • Children need to work and play together. We teach collaboration and social skills through discussion, activities, projects, and play.

Our rich interdisciplinary program satisfies children’s thirst for knowledge and helps them build academic, artistic, and social skills. Teachers move up through the grades with their classes, providing continuity while developing a deep understanding of each student.

Academic subjects like history, language arts, science, and math, are taught in main lesson blocks of three to five weeks during the morning main lesson hours. The teacher presents each subject in an experiential way rather than from textbooks. Art is a fundamental part of Waldorf Education and children learn to work with watercolor painting, drawing, beeswax and clay modeling and more. Specialty subjects are taught through the grades, which include Spanish, Eurythmy, Strings, Singing, Handwork (knitting, crochet, sewing, weaving), Woodworking and Physical Education.

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Educating the whole child, in mind, body, and spirit,  

for a life of continuous learning

and meaningful engagement with the world.


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