Curious about Anthroposophy? Rudolf Steiner? Waldorf Education? Join us right here in Asheville for “Explorations”!

From the Center for Anthroposophy website:

Formerly known as Foundation Studies, this program introduces the arts and contemplative practices based on the work of Rudolf Steiner

“Explorations” of Anthroposophical Landscapes

A new arts-based program is starting up for adults wishing to explore the wide terrain of anthroposophical endeavors, including the foundational principles of Waldorf education. Here is a preview of this new venture.
During the course of this year, the Center for Anthroposophy (CfA) has undertaken a major redesign of what was formerly called Foundations Studies, resulting in a new program with a new name.
  “Explorations: Workshops in the Arts and Contemplative Practices Based on the Work of Rudolf Steiner”–designed to be held in Waldorf communities across the continent–will feature a new three-tiered format comprised of:
            *          intensive weekend workshops with an emphasis on the arts
            *          bi-monthly seminars to study anthroposophy
            *          monthly zoom webinars called “Windows on Waldorf”
              A series of weekend workshops–starting Friday evening and lasting through Sunday lunchtime–will constitute the core or “hub” of this program, while the study and zoom seminars will serve as regional satellites in communities surrounding the central site of the “hub” program.

             The weekend workshops–led by seasoned Waldorf teachers with long experience of teaching adults, including faculty from CfA and  the Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch University New England–will focus on artistic media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, speech, singing, as well as spacial dynamics and eurythmy, two new forms of artistic movement pioneered by Rudolf Steiner. The intervening study seminars, led by local facilitators, will devote their attention to some of the basic texts of Steiner and those who have come after him.
Though each program will be custom-designed to meet the needs of a local community, a typical sequence will include 5-6 weekend workshops during the course of a school year, plus 10 seminar sessions scheduled between the weekend workshops.
             Tuition for this year-long program will be set on a sliding scale ranging from $1,500 to $2,200, depending on the size of the group and its distance from CfA’s home base in New England.
Please read more at the Center for Anthroposophy website or Jenn Garrett at Asheville Waldorf School for more information j.garrett@azaleamountain.org