Waldorf Schools do not use a traditional hierarchical governance structure. Asheville Waldorf School utilizes a three-fold organizational structure to delineate the primary functions of the school body, each serving a key metaphorical role in service to the whole. This structure mirrors our curriculum to inspire the whole child; Head, Heart and Hands.  The study of Rudolf Steiner’s work is a regular part of faculty meetings, board meetings and administrative training.

Overview of governance circles at Asheville Waldorf School : 

AWSNAP – Asheville Waldorf School Neighbors and Parents, Parent Organization (Community Development, Events and teacher support )

  • AWSNAP Reps: Adam Matar (grades) and Alana House (Early Childhood) (parentorg@ashevillewaldorf.org)
  • Class parents
  • All parents, grandparent, community who wish to be involved!

Anchor Circle – holds policy decisions for the school (anchor@ashevillewaldorf.org)

  • AWSNAP Parent Rep: Adam Matar and Alana House
  • Faculty Rep: Nicholas Andrea and Zoe Rothfuss
  • Admin Rep: Brita Nordgren

Leadership Team  – Responsible for HR, Operations Calendar, Conflict resolution/mediation (LT@ashevillewaldorf.org)

  • Faculty Chairs: Nicholas Andrea and Zoe Rothfuss
  • Faculty Coordinator: Micheal Hall
  • Admin Chair: Brita Nordgren

Board  – Legal, Fiscal, Long-Term Planning (board@ashevillewaldorf.org)

  • Molly Hernon
  • Elizabeth Hromada, Faculty Representative
  • Elizabeth Erb, Faculty Representative
  • Sharon Price, Community Representative
  • Austen Sandifer, Community Representative
  • Jake Wolf, Community Representative

Faculty Circle – all the amazing, beautiful work with our children! (And lots of meetings) 

  • Grades Teachers
  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • Subject Teachers
  • Remedial Teachers